The Social Marking And Mental Coloring Of Identity Essay examples

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Wayne Brekhus, of Rutgers University, explains the differences between unmarked and marked categories in his articles, Redirecting Our Focus and the Social Marking and Mental Coloring of Identity. My focus is drawn to criminal identity. The marked category would be people who identify as criminal and the unmarked category would be people who are not criminals. The marked category is comprised of people who are deviant and stand out. The unmarked category is made up of everyone else, people who are not out of the ordinary. Criminal identities can be seen through the trinary model. The trinary model begins with the marked, the preserved identities, then the unmarked, the generic identities, and the marked again with exceptional identities. This can be broken down into other categories of saints, average, and sinners. The marked category will also be identified through its identity duration, density, setting, time and space.
Within the trinary model, the three categories pertain to three different types of people. Starting with the “saints”, or the preserved identities are the purest of people. These types of people are marked because of things they did not do. For example, these people never stole a candy bar when they were younger or drank underage. They have never done anything morally or socially wrong to make them out of the ordinary. The unmarked category is socially generic here because most people have innocently stolen something when they were younger or have drank…

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