The Social Makeup Of Charleston Essay

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The social makeup of Charleston in the 18th and 19th century according to the U.S Census had a sprawling number of blacks. Charleston has partly become the hub of a trading center in North America because of the sugar plantation and the slave trading. The makeup of the city spanned among the Jews, Christian, Muslim and non-believers: this was due to John Locke encouragement or insisting of a religious tolerance. The City became heavily populated by black slaves from the Western African region because most of the Indians slaves had died off. The slave life of Denmark Vesey was remarkably easy or referred to as a mulatto. He was noticed and admired by a sea merchant and a slave owner named Joseph Vesey. His admiration for him caused him to ask that Denmark previously named “Telemau” to be brought out, clothed in a different dress and started work as his assistant on the ship. He was regarded as a valuable slave in Charleston for over 15 years, and despite his color, he was always looked up with respect – which signified an impressive intellect capability on his part despite being a slave. He was affiliated to no specific religion but was said to have 7 wives. Denmark Vesey freedom was bought at a low price of $600 from his slave master, Joseph Vesey from a lottery winning of $1500. Thus, making him a free slave who was capable of living a normal life. As a free black person, he became a carpenter and sourced his jobs out to other companies. He was living comfortably at 50…

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