Essay on The Social Issues Of The Media

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One would expect complete equality in today’s “modern” society. Cries for social justice are made daily, but it is uncertain if these cries are being heard and appropriate action is being taken. While there are many social issues that deserve the public’s attention, gender issues are becoming more obvious in the media. Non-binary genders have been almost completely overlooked in both media and society as a whole. The media should be more diversified and appeal to all genders, not just the binary two, so non-binary people can be more easily accepted in society and binary people can be comfortable with their place on the gender spectrum. Claims such as these are often countered with the argument that there are only two genders, male and female. McGuire et al. call the belief that sex determines gender "cisnormativity" (60). Corradi does not agree with multiple genders, calling it a “delusion” that has “infected” people into believing that society created gender, not a person’s biological sex (17-18). Having only two genders would disprove non-binary genders, thus concluding that they do not need to be in the media. This statement, however, is not true as sex and gender differ. To disprove this claim, a few terms need to be properly defined. Sex refers to one’s biology, that is an individual’s hormones, chromosomes, and genitalia (McGuire et al. 62). This determines if a person’s sex is male, female, or androgynous. So when a person states that there are only two genders, that…

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