Essay on The Social And Medical Models Of Disability

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Introduction: In this report I am going to talk about the what the social and medical models of disability are, why they are important and my opinion on them. Models of disability are used for defining impairments and for helping the government and society help meet the needs of disabled people. They are helpful as they give people a better understanding of disabilities and the issues associated with having a disability.
Social model of disability: The social model of disability says that disability is caused by the way society is organised rather than a persons difference or impairment. An impairment is a medical condition that leads to a disability. The Union Of The Physically Impaired Against Segregation (UPIAS) was a disability rights organization that led to the development of the social model of disability, which made a sharp distinction between an impairment and a disability. In 1975 UPIAS said “In our view it is society which disables physically impaired people”. The social model of disability looks at society as being the problem rather than the disability. It looks at ways of removing barriers for disabled people to make their lives easier and make them more independent. For example if a wheelchair couldn’t use a bus because it wasn’t wheelchair accessible the social model of disability would look at the bus as being a problem rather than the wheelchair user, which is correct. The bus should be suitable for a wheelchair user as they have the right to use the bus.…

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