The Social And Economic Equality Between The Sexes? Essay

1291 Words Mar 4th, 2015 6 Pages
Firstly I would like to ask- Do you believe in the social and economic equality between the sexes?
If the answer is yes- and I hope it should be- then you are, by definition, a feminist. I understand the name could be misleading and leads people to think of man hating and a movement exclusive to females.
The Oxford dictionary defines feminism as ‘The advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.’ So why is it now that calling one self a feminist has become taboo and associated with misandry and man hating? I for one identify as a definition feminist, rather than the type society associates with the word, and are often called ‘Feminazi’s’ rather than identified as the advocates of equality that they are. A Feminazi, by definition is a ‘radical feminist’ – In this sense a feminist, who believes she is above the likes of men. Which is contradictory itself. The word Feminazi derives from Nazism, I would like to remind you, that Nazis thought them selves above women, and women were just child bearers. Therefore the phrase Feminazi is a massive contradiction. To start this discussion though. One must ask the question. Is feminism really necessary in today’s society? Well, to put it plainly. Yes. Often society forgets that women didn’t always have equal rights, and when they do remember, well, then they think that all is done and that they’ve come so far in X amount of years. Therefore they tend to overlook the harassment, and…

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