The Sleep Cycle Of A Mammal Essay

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The ability by mammals to correctly adapt their behaviors to an environment that is always changing is a fundamental capability that is achieved by the formation and retrieval of memories. Arguably one of the most important phases in the sleep cycle of a mammal is known as Rapid Eye Movement or REM sleep. This phase has been researched to play a crucial role in the consolidation of memories essentially the processing of memories into our system; mainly our declarative memory system. The more familiar of the two to humans would be our declarative memory. It is the conscious component that includes remembering facts and events. Non-declarative memory, also known as implicit memory, includes our unconscious memory. When scientists began to take a look into REM sleep they often thought about whether it is necessary at all as a stage of our sleeping pattern; wandering what purpose it truly serves. When we are deprived of REM sleep for a certain amount of consecutive nights we become irritable and anxious which most college students can attest to. The lack of REM is seep is known as an REM sleep behavior disorder or RBD. Contrary to REM is SWS meaning slow-wave sleep (Weisner et al., 2014). It is in SWS where we are at the deepest part of our sleep as opposed to REM when we are most aware of our surroundings without being awake. The question remains this same. Research shows varying opinions as well as results when it comes to experimenting with REM sleep and its ability or…

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