The Slavery Of Ignorance By Frederick Douglass Essay

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The Slavery of Ignorance Slavery is the ability to allow ignorance to take away opportunity created by knowledge. This system has and will always be used against anyone that lacks education, keeping them in a state of unawareness. Fredrick Douglass is also an example, not of just slavery, but how gaining knowledge can overcome this system that is not just a physical state of the body. Slavery is also a condition of the mind, due to the inability to receive education. The life of Douglass is a perfect example of this point because he started out as an ignorant child slave with no hope of ever coming out of this wretched life, but he is unique with enlightenment at a young age realizing his fate could be overcome with knowledge. Ignorance is the absence of knowledge, but knowledge is only obtained through hope of achievement, especially for the slave. Everyone starts out ignorant, but learns from the time of birth what is by nature good or bad. This idea can be split by intellect and knowledge. Intellect is very important in the quest for knowledge because it allows for logical deciphering. This is vital allowing Douglass to know what to do with his knowledge. Logic and knowledge are the key components of wisdom; in perspective the gaining of wisdom takes a slave completely out of slavery, though still in that present state. On page 29 when Mr. Auld found his wife teaching Douglass he said, “A Nigger should know nothing but to obey his master.” At this point Douglass began…

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