The Slave System Dehumanized Slaves Essay

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The slave system dehumanized slaves, made them have no self-consciousness of human being. He pointed out slaves did not enjoy much privilege. They do the labor work all season, but received limited supplies and necessities; they lived under an extreme poor condition place, each covered a miserable blankets and sleep on the cold, dump flood in all season (Douglass, Chp 2). They were afraid of telling the truth about their masters. In south slaveholders’ mind, slaves were product and tool of laboring for support slaveholders’ living. Masters only care about keep slaves working for them as long as slave can alive and how much fortune and wealth slaves can bring to them. Meanwhile, masters enjoyed whipping and mistreating slaves. When Douglass recalled the master murdered the cousin of Douglass’s wife, murdering or whipping slaves to death by masters in Maryland was not against law and not receive any punishment (Chp 4 ) All these cruel practices of slavery showed slaves lived like animals, they lost their individuality, value and qualities as human under the brutality of their masters. Furthermore, the oppression of slavery is a way slave owners deliberately keep slaves ignorant and use this to white’s power over slaves. They used cruel practices to slaves tried to tame slaves into a tool and private property that have no individual thinking. Although slaves afraid directly talk about their complaints to their owners in the process of the absolute obedience, that does…

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