The Six Theories Of Poverty Essay

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Of the six theories of poverty, racism as a cause of poverty appears to be the most persuasive. Though racism cannot explain poverty among white people, it is able to explain poverty among black people and Hispanics - both of which are groups with higher rates of poverty. Racism as a systematic issue in society can also explain certain points and imbalances that are important to other theories of poverty, including the labor market, culture, and single parents.
According to the March 2013 Current Population Survey, poverty among blacks is at 26% and poverty among Hispanics is at 24%. For white people, the percent is much lower at 13%. From these numbers, it is clear to see that poverty among black people and Hispanics is significantly higher than poverty among white people, as in the case of blacks, their rate of poverty is double that of white people. Looking at that data alone, one has to believe there must be some racial component to poverty if there is a disproportionate representation of racial minority groups among the poor than there is in the overall population. Though racism as a theory of poverty will be able to explain why larger portions of minority groups are represented among the poor, its inability to explain poverty among white people indicates that it is still a theory that cannot explain it all.
The theory of racism to explain poverty looks at work levels among racial groups, their rates of marriage and pregnancy, and their culture and society. Because…

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