The Importance Of Poverty In North Columbus

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Welcome to Columbus Columbus is the capital of Ohio and bolsters many amenities like The Ohio State University and the Columbus Crew. Franklinton was one of the first documented communities, established in 1797 by Lucas Sullivant and company. It is believed that Native Americans used the land near the Scioto River as far as 3,000 years prior. Once named Ohio City, Columbus gained its name and many war training grounds in the 1800’s while battling population surges, disease, and poverty struggles consistent with a growing city (Touring Ohio). Columbus has grown and blossomed from most of the older struggles except for poverty. Poverty has seemingly remained a constant issue for the residents of Columbus. As time continued on, other issues began to arise like housing issues and public education problems. I will also mention redlining briefly, as an underlining cause to many of the issues Columbus faces as an urban city. I will explore these problems that Columbus has undergone, and the current state of them now. For my observation, I chose to travel through North …show more content…
Structures that are associated with poverty are informal, formal and actual physical structures. Informal structures are poverty are rooted heavily rooted in the economic disparity between genders and race. In class, we defined poverty as “economic deprivation severe enough that one cannot live at a standard considered comfortable or normal in a society” (Phillips, 2016). Poverty can also be defined by low socio-economic status. Socioeconomic status (SES) used to effectively quantify someone’s economic income, educational achievements, and corresponding neighborhood quality. Low SES would categorize someone as having low income, minimal traditional education like a high school diploma or GED, and living in a relatively poor or low class

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