The Silencer Film Analysis

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1.) During the time I was in cultural media class I really liked the horror genre. I have never watched Horror movies in my life and for the first time watching the films in class it thrilled me. For example, when we watch the movie the silencer I thought that movie was going to be too scary for me to watch. I wanted to step outside but I didn’t I because for the movie brought my attention even thought it was horror film I thought that it would be a great experience. And it was, through the movie The Silencer ever time Billy the doll did any movement such as moving spots or moving his eyes it gave me chills. The reason I said I liked horror even though I’m not very familiar with it until this point was because I really like the feeling …show more content…
This I think it is important because this set a scary tone in the film what I also have seen that make horror films good is the setting. The setting when watching a horror film it bring it to life you are more in to the movie when watching it because you see this spooky setting. For example, in the movie “The silencer” when he’s at the grave yard they and not only is it a grave yard but its ark fogy and no one’s around. It makes you scared something is going to pop out or something is going to die. Another example is every time Billy moved and the producers gave a great sound track that it would just give you the chilies. Also another thing they do in horror films to make it so effective is the camera angels and camera shorts they could be filming one thing so you can be so concentrated in it and then suddenly they change it with a sound track, for example When ne of Mary Shaw’s victims was about to die or about to see her they would focus the camera on the person. After they point the camera to the setting which they give you the character’s point of view as if you were …show more content…
And science fiction because not only what in the movie not real but it is more entertaining. My top five movies would be: Jurassic World, Transformers: age of extinction, harry potter, Fast and Furious 7, and Narnia. Something that all these movies have in common is that nothing I real all of it fiction. Juristic World is right now one of my favorites because this movie has action. For example, when the dinosaur just escapes out of its cage and the intelligence they gave him gave it a really big part in the film. Another thing is the camera footage and the dinosaurs that looked very realistic the camera helped a lot that made everything more realistic. Transformers: the age of extinction was also one of my favorites of all of them I really liked it because when every time in the film when they fight he camera angels they put are great, and they could ever put it in slow motion with give you this feeling towards the movie. Harry Potter the first movie that ever came out I thought of it as fun it took you to a magical world. One of the things I oved about this movie was the school and the town when you entered they gave you footage of all the places around, everyone doing magic and it looked realistic even though it wasn’t. Fast and Furious is probably always going to be one of my favorites their fights are always realistic which I love. Another thing that I love about this movie is the action

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