The Significance Of The Parthenon Essay examples

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Many people create bucket lists of historic places they’d like to visit on dream vacations and adventures that span the globe, or seek to soothe a sense of wanderlust created by travel books and geographic television shows. Many people include on their list the Parthenon in Greece, to get a feel for how life was for a culture so influential on so many in our modern day and age. Or perhaps some people prefer the mystique surrounding Stonehenge in England, a relic of times past and shrouded in mystery. Considered excellent photography opportunities now, these locations were at once both extremely valuable to their cultures for religious purposes and more, and the architecture reflects much about the times they were built in. The Greeks worshipped gods with fantastic abilities, but when not practicing their polytheistic religion, they were often honoring it by creating art that was inspired by their deities. Greeks valued balance because it creates a sense of harmony, something valued highly in both architecture as well as personality; it was considered the reflection of someone considered an intellectual with a well-developed sense of morality. The Greeks designed each of their major cities with this in mind, and thus, the acropolis was born. Each big city was based on a similar formula (they were very fond of mathematics and algorithms), with components including a cluster of buildings on the highest elevation of the territory, and it served as a fortress for protection as…

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