The Signs Of True Guilt In William Shakespeare's Hamlet

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Throughout the play, Hamlet the prince goes through a mental turmoil of wild thoughts on whether his late father was murdered and if his Uncle Claudius killed him. After the death of King Hamlet, prince Hamlet’s mother, Gertrude marries Hamlet’s uncle Claudius, which raises suspicion on whether Claudius killed his brother to earn the crown. With the funeral and wedding of his mother and uncle, Hamlet is still grieving in his night clothing. Feeling a sense of betrayal from his mother hurriedly marrying Claudius and Claudius taking the crown from his late father, Hamlet is determined to solve the mystery on how his father was killed. While accompanying Horatio, Hamlet’s closet friend, Hamlet meets the ghost form of his late father
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However, his main goal was to see signs of true guilt from Claudius. Hamlet creates a plan to force King Claudius to watch a play that has a similar plot on the murder of late King Hamlet in which will show a visual guilty or emotional response. During the killing scene of the king where the murderer pours the poison into the sleeping king’s ear, Claudius rises up and cries for light. While alone, Claudius expresses his sin for killing his brother. He asks for forgiveness but is not willing to give up the crown giving to him by committing the murder. As Hamlet is eavesdropping, he sees Claudius alone proving to be the perfect time to kill him. As Hamlet hears Claudius praying he knows that it would be inadequate death unlike his father in reason of Claudius appearing to be seeking forgiveness which would send his soul to heaven. As a result, Hamlet decides to wait to kill Claudius and leaves. As he leaves Claudius is unable to pray sincerely saying, “My words fly up, my thoughts remain below”. As an act of rationality, Hamlet kills Polonius in uncertainty in it being King Claudius for eavesdropping in the conversation between Hamlet and his mother Gertrude, in her room. Hamlet now interprets the death of Polonius in being vengeance, retribution, and punishment for not killing …show more content…
When consulting King Claudius, Laertes and the King conjured up a plan to have a duel in which Laertes poisoned his sword and Claudius placed poison in a cup to have Hamlet to drink. Unfortunately, the poisonous sword killed Hamlet and Gertrude drunk the cup with poison in it both leading to death. Throughout Act 5, Hamlet, King Claudius and Laertes were all seeking public justice for the death of others. However, as Hamlet procrastinated throughout the play, his time to avenge his father death came to end resulting in his tragic death but somewhat succeeded in killing Claudius by making him drink the rest of the poison in the cup that was planned to kill

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