The Show House Of Cards Essay

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In the show House of Cards, the viewer is presented with many different relationships,

the most important and influential of which being the marriage of Claire and Frank Underwood.

This marriage is vastly different from the many “cookie- cutter” relationships that can be found

in today’s television shows. Unlike other relationships that are seen on TV, Claire and Frank’s

relationship can be described as almost a business deal. Both Claire and Frank are consumed

with advancing themselves in the political world and gladly use each other to do so. In addition,

Claire and Frank also both engage in extramarital affairs in the first half of the series, which both

partners are aware of and okay with, they even discuss their outside relationships with each

other. All throughout the show, we see examples such as these two of how Claire and Frank are

the complete opposite of the typical television relationship. Why would the writers of House of

Cards have made the decision to create such an atypical relationship?

Perhaps by contradicting the traditional views that viewers have of love and marriage, the

writers were hoping to show that love does not always fit into the ideal images that are presented

in television. A marriage is not always a perfect love story, where husband and wife are happily

married with three children in their upper middle class suburban home. For some, love is more

complex. For Claire and Frank, love means Claire doesn’t get to…

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