The Short Stories `` Araby `` By James Joyce And How I Met My Husband

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The short stories “Araby” by James Joyce and “How I Met My Husband” by Alice Munro have strikingly different tones established by the two authors. The stories both consist of a narrator with a love interest, however the authors’ use of diction, imagery, and setting create a difference in tone of the two stories. In “Araby,” Joyce begins the story in a setting with a very dark, gloomy tone. Joyce accomplishes this by mentioning how the priest, the former tenant of the house, had died in the back drawing-room (2). With the story starting on a depressing note, the narrator, a young boy, begins gushing over his love interest, Mangan’s sister. Each time the narrator mentions his love, Joyce makes it clear to the reader that she represents a sense of hopefulness to the boy narrator. She has an association with light in this melancholy story. When Mangan’s sister politely chats with the narrator about how she cannot go to the bazaar, “[t]he light from the lamp…lit up her hair” so that she looked angelic to the admiring narrator, thus causing a slight shift in tone from gloomy to almost hopeful (9). However, when the narrator asks for permission to travel the bazaar for his love interest, the tone quickly turns dark again due to his uncle forgetting about it and arriving home late. This caused the narrator a painstaking delay at the train station to get to the bazaar; Joyce’s diction causes a depressing tone that will continue until the end of the story. As the narrator walks…

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