The Sharing Of Affection : A Fundamental Human Need Essay

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The sharing of affection has long been acknowledged as a fundamental human need. For our entire lives, we display affection toward each other to build closeness, strengthen bonds, and create intimacy (Morman & Floyd, 1998). These displays of affection are important at building familial bonds and feelings of friendship with others. Simple displays of touching, hugging, and kissing are the way that people build relationships of meaning with one another. Although for males living in Anglo-American societies, such as the United States, in the Twentieth century, displaying affection for other male friends became a prohibited action, laced with homosexual undertones and insinuations, which could threaten their status in the male-dominated patriarchy. From the point of view of the Conflict Perspective, by limiting their affectionate contact with members of the same sex, men maintained their appearance of strength to avoid risking their “privileged access” to valuable resources and influence (Newman, 2014, p. 210). However, this has not always been the case.
Indeed, in the 19th century, it was commonplace to see men being affectionate with each other. Touching, hugging, kissing, even sleeping together in the same bed were all commonplace activities for platonic male friends to show affection for each other (Morman & Floyd, 1998). In the post-Freud world of today, these activities would certainly see seen as effeminate and homosexual. However, absent these societal pressures men…

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