The Setting Of The Prison Essay

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The setting of the prison gives readers the idea that prison is very sad and depressing and that the people in the prison are not glad to be there. The people in the prison are miserable and the prison itself is harsh.

The rose bush growing in front of the prison is kind of ironic because a rose bush is something that is beautiful. It is an amazing that something so beautiful is found next to a prison, which kind of suggests that nature does not judge humans as humans do.

The author emphasizes the rose-bush because it represents forgiveness, which is very different from all the sin of the prison. The bush served as God’s forgiveness message to Hester.

This is ironic because the Puritans are supposed to be pure and clean, but they arrested the Indians, when they were drinking and misbehaving, even though they were the ones who sold the Indians the “fire-water” in the first place. This is also ironic because they interfered with the Indian’s land and now they are arresting and torturing them. If the Puritans are so clean and pure, then how did the Indians get the alcohol?

The tone of this part is angry. The author seems to feel that the women of the crowd are harsh and crude as if they were rabid animals. By showing their undesirable lust for punishment.

The setting gives the effect of something so surreal.Hester begins to feel the impact of her crime. She finally understands that everything that has happened is a result of her decisions and it can’t be undone. She…

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