The Setting Of The Parable Essay

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The Setting of the Parable Both the placement of the parable in the Bible and when the parable took place in Jesus’ life are important in understanding the meaning of the parable. While Mark’s version of the Parable of the Wicked Tenants is regarded as the closest to the synoptic traditions source (De Moor 63), it is Matthew’s placement of the parable that is most significant. The parable is sandwiched by two other parables: the Parable of the Two sons and the Parable of the Marriage Feast. All three parables deal with judgement against those who reject God’s message. The parables of the Two Sons and the Wicked Tenants share a similar message, and the Marriage Feast and Wicked Tenants share a similar structure (Snodgrass 73). Aside from this, the parable also parallels with the Lament over Jerusalem. Referencing Jung, Jesus has many parables that share the kingdom of God as a central theme, such as the Mustard Seed, the Wedding Banquet, the Lost Sheep, and the Lost Son. For Jesus, this parable was delivered during the last few days of both his ministry and his life. In Matthew, the parable is preceded by the chief priests and elders questioning the authority of Jesus. This very questioning of Jesus is the main reason the parable was written. While Jesus could not directly tell them who he was- which meant he had to answer their questions indirectly- he could guide them in the right direction. This caused the tones of the parable to change compared to others. Here, Jesus’…

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