The Sermon By Jonathan Edwards Essay

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On July 1741, in Enfield Connecticut, a puritan man delivered a sermon that is still well-known to this day. The man was Jonathan Edwards, and the sermon he gave is called “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.” He uses many rhetorical devices to help get his point across to his people. The sermon is very repetitious, mainly discussing God’s wrath against sinners and hell. The purpose of his sermon was to help his people and sinners to avoid the wrath of God and to convert them into Christians. Using the Bible to support his claims about God’s wrath, Jonathan Edwards stresses the horrible judgement God can bear through his utilization of emotional appeal, fear, guilt, etc. with the help of vivid imagery throughout his sermon.
In order to stay out of hell, one must please God. If that’s not the case, then they, the sinners, are to face God 's painful and terrifying wrath. Edwards suggests that the Lord 's grace prevents sinners from falling and going straight to hell. “There is hell’s wide gaping mouth open; and you have nothing to stand upon… nothing between you and hell. . . . It is only the power and mere pleasure of God that holds you up” (214). God is that barrier or border between you and hell. Edwards illustrates hell as a place that can fully consume a person without a way of escaping it, like a serpent. Noting God’s pleasure is his way of expressing how much power the Lord has over people and how he can freely use it. Humans would not exist if it weren’t for the…

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