Essay on The Separation Between Sex And Gender

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This swift transition helps portray how this can be seen in society. Take for example if someone hands you a birth certificate that has written the individual to be male. Without much thought, the average human brain registers the word male and immediately assumes that the individual posses attribute of male quality. What most people fail to do is to evaluate the separation between sex and gender. This failure to recognize the difference between gender and sex starts at the fetal ultrasound examination and continues throughout the pregnancy process (Larkin, 282).
As an attempt to explain a parents’ fascination with determining the sex of their baby, Lesley Larkin introduces the explanation of “preparedness” (283). Here, she uses the terminology to explain how parents will begin “…shopping, decorating items…” for the baby in order to “…recognize the child’s humanity” (Larkin, 283). Failure to properly prepare for a new baby may cause failure to “recognize [the] fetal[s’] humanity” (Larkin, 283). Although an absurd thought to process, what is most problematic from this “preparedness stage” is the fact that the parents lack to remember that regardless of the sex of the baby, that it is still a human growing naturally inside a mother’s womb. That quote essentially translates to: not knowing whether my child is male or female means that the child isn’t real.
Following the stages of pregnancy, after the revelation of a child’s sex is determined, new parents may decide to throw a…

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