The Separation Between Male And Females Essay

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It is natural for humans to have an idea that everyone should be treated equally. However in modern society, the separation between male and females are divided based on established assumptions about their gender attributes. Though some assumptions can be positive or negative, it changes the perspective on how others may look. The theme of gender roles is presented in the short play Othello by William Shakespeare through the injustice that women receive. Throughout the play, the role of women in Venice and Cyprus were to be possessions for men. .Unfortunately at present, many individuals think gender roles are invisible; however, the idea of women being inferior to men is very prominent in the western and eastern society through continuous male dominance of women
Housewives are females who are responsible for taking care of their husband and children. Although it is not visible by many individuals, it does not mean it is nonexistent in the current society .In perspective, both gender seems equal because they are working to support each other. Though the idea of equal gender starts to reveal its identity when researchers sent surveys back home asking who was responsible for housework.. In the article of Mail Online, 1800 surveys were asked everyday about their chores and surprisingly, “ At least two-thirds of women said it was usually them who carried out the other task, rising to 85% for doing laundry ”(YAPP). What does this say about dominance in current society ? It…

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