The Sentencing System During The Us And The Influences Upon Prison Inmates

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The sentencing system in the US and the influences upon prison inmates is an increasing issue. The way people are raised and the environment people grow up in really affect them. The effect that inmates’ backgrounds have on prison sentencing is anything but just due to things such as social status, race, and the lack of resources, environmental factors, and financial income. This causes even the most dangerous criminals to receive short or reduced sentences, and puts people that make our world unsafe right back into a world of freedom. Racial injustice has been a big complication in our world for years. The way in which it has affected the lives of people is preposterous. Having people believe they are superior to others is something that has made the unity of this country slope downward. It is stated, “Most warrants issued in inner city majority non-whites neighborhoods.” (Coker 833) This being something that has been proven shows the stereotypical viewpoint of whites being the superior people. As far as imprisonment goes, “African Americans make up about half of those who are incarcerated for crimes.” (Coker 831) It is definitely something erroneous with that picture, especially when those of the African American or Latino race have had fewer successful drug findings that came along with their search warrants than whites. (Coker 837) Every race has a criminal within. Believing that one race creates the pandemonium the people of the world experience in their life is…

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