Essay on The Sentencing Of The Criminal Justice System

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Throughout the criminal justice world, mass incarceration rate has always been a big problem in the world. Marc Mauer is the executive director of the sentencing project. He believes that we should fix the criminal justice system and make it better. One of the reasons to why we have mass incarceration is because of the harsh sentencing policies. Marc Mauer has many different ways to reform policies that can reduce mass incarnation. I think some of Mauer’s ideas have a point such as people with non-violent drug offense should go to jail for a short period of time and non-violent criminals should not be under parole. Although I disagree with some of his ideas aren’t really fair or reasonable such as a 20-year cap on sentencing for violent crimes.
Marc Mauer’s harsh sentencing for drug offense is a major reason to the mass incarnation rate. In the article “Too Old to Commit a Crime”, Dana Goldstein says statistic shows that nearly 160,000 people are serving life sentencing, and 10,000 of them are convicted for nonviolent offenses. In other words people are in jail for crimes that weren’t serious or harmful to the public or people. It proves the example of unnecessary mass incarnation rate. In Mauer’s point of view he states “politicians across the spectrum call for reducing prison sentences for low-level drug crimes and other non-violent offense.” The essence of Mauer’s point is that non-violent criminal sentencing should be reduced. Mauer makes a good point. Drug offenses…

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