Essay about The Self Determination Theory Or Sdt

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This paper explores the self-determination theory or SDT. It is presented as a theory of human motivation. It states that people are driven by the need to grow and develop a stable sense of self. The self-determination theory specifically characterizes motivation by being intrinsic or extrinsic. According to research put forth by Deci, Ryan, and Guay (2013), behavior that is conducted “out of interest or enjoyment” is considered intrinsic, while behavior that is “motivated by values that are fully internalized and integrated” is considered extrinsic. Balanced motivation is called “emotion-motivated behaviors” This implies that behavior is “well integrated.” In the self-determination theory, there are three basic psychological needs- competency, autonomy and relatedness (Deci, Ryan, & Guay, 2013). If one strives to meet these basic needs, one must find a balance between intrinsic, extrinsic and emotional motivation for their behavior. Needs are considered the framework or the necessities for living a well-balanced, healthy life. The need for competency is defined as using your environment as effectively as possible to interact and socialize with others. The self-determination theory recognizes competency as a basic need because it is directly related with satisfaction, performance and overall psychological well-being. The need for autonomy allows one to think about their actions and how their values and views affect them. The need for relatedness explores the way we build…

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