Youthful And Radiant Skin Research Paper

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The Secret Of Youthful And Radiant Skin
There are quite a few factors that may indicate the pace at which the skin decays.There are factors like exposure to direct sun rays and pollution. It could also be your smoking habits or your daily food habits ! The most dominant of these are the genetic or hereditary factors like your skin texture and type.
Usually, fair skin turns crinkly more rapidly than wheatish or dark skin as they are shielded by high amounts of lipids and pigments.
Know your skin first!

There are three strata of the skin :
1. The outermost stratum is the EPIDERMIS which chiefly consists of pigment cells. The uppermost layer reflects flat, dead cells, and the foot stratum is where brand new skin cells
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It is not only rejuvenating but it also brightens the complexion!
• Apply a vitamin-packed night cream. Researchers are of the opinion that the temperature of skin escalates at night, so nutrients are better absorbed.

Skin care regime in your 40s
Sebum secretion escalates in your 40s, which can be good only if one has too oily skin. On the contrary,it also indicates the necessity of a skin friendly moisturiser to replenish moisture loss. Herbal moisturisers that are mild,soothing and safe are advisable.
Loss of fat in the subcutaneous stratum makes the skin feeble it continues to lose its elasticity.

What to do?
• Practice exfoliating on a regular basis with a scrub. Not too much though! Twice a week should be enough. It must be a mild scrub. Sugar scrub is a fantastic option!
• Continue using a soothing face cream rich in vitamin E and aloe vera for that extra bit of nourishment. This will leave your face looking fresher.
• The diet must remain the same. Water and healthy food intake is necessary,as always.
• The body needs more rest at this stage,which is why enough sleep is required.

Skin care regime in your 50s and above

This is the time when one notices the appearance of brownish age
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It makes the skin very flaky,dry,itchy and more sensitive.
Mature skin is very fragile. Once damaged,it takes a lot of time to heal.

What to do?

• Use a safe and mild cleanser/toner at this stage
• Use a good moisturiser with SPF and try to avoid direct sun contact
• Wrinkles are normal at this stage. A good night cream with anti wrinkle properties should be enough.
• Plus a good diet comprising of fresh fruits,vegetables and lots of water intake is always advisable,no matter what you age is!

A few tips that might make a difference to your skin:

1.Switch to natural products instead of chemicals.

• If you are in dire need of an astringent, switch to neem or tea tree

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