Essay about The Secret Life of Walter Mitty vs the Necklace

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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty VS The Necklace April Kahl
ENG 125 Introduction to Literature
Angela di Guaico
March 3, 2014

When comparing and contrasting short stories. One should look at tone, irony, theme, symbolism, and imagination. When all these literary terms are combined they make stories. The secret Life of Walter Mitty, and The Necklace, there is similarities in gender role of the characters, but there is differences, both of these short stories represent relationships in their marriage, through the main characters, and the roles they play. In this paper I will explain the similarities as well as the differences the characters play in both stories. I chose these
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The theme of success and failure is examined trough Mitty’s inability to live a full filling external life, which causes him to retreat to an internal like full of image of conquest. Walter Mitty is neither exciting nor successful in his everyday life. The theme of the story the life of Mathilde and her husband. She was a beautiful and charming girl, born in a family of artisan. She thus had hopes of marrying a man of her dreams, rich and with a social status. She ended up marrying a poor man working as a clerk in ministry of education. Her husband through intensive pleading, managed to get two invitations to the ministry’s party. His wife refused to attend the party stating that she has nothing to put on. “Nothing, Only I have no clothes, and in consequence I cannot go to this party. Give your card to some colleague whose wife has a better outfit than I” (Clugston, 2010, para.21). The husband used the money he had saved in order to buy a gun used it to buy her a dress. His wife is still not satisfied and demands to put on an expensive jewelry. With no money left, the husband was of the opinion that the wife opt to borrow jewelry from her close friend. She borrowed what she thought was a very expensive necklace, while at the party; she realized that the diamond necklace was no longer there. The two searched it to no vain; they were forced to take loans from their fiends to buy a necklace just like the one that got lost. To repay the loan, they worked for ten years

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