Essay on The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Carl Gunther
Professor King
February 13, 2012

Walter Mitty is an imaginary character, but he reminds me of myself and many people that I know. The main focus of the story is Walter's behavior. Walter tends to get distracted from the real world and his normal life, sent into day-dreams in which he is more important. Walter uses his everyday interactions to make a fantasy world in which he is the main character during a drastic time, making him feel more important. While Walter goes in and out of day-dreams throughout the story he is not totally disconnected from reality but uses these day-dreams to cope with everyday situations. This literary work captured my interest because Walter was
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While the story did jump from his day-dream to reality in which he was in his car with his wife the majority of the story took place in the mind of Walter Mitty. Each scene was a different imaginary reality in which Mitty was either a Commander, famous surgeon, witness on trial, or a captain in a war plane. The jumping in and out of these imaginary worlds makes the scene memorable and keeps the story exciting. Reading this story without the cliff-notes on the left-hand side telling the reader where in the story Mitty is, one would get lost due to the constant shifting of the setting. However this constant setting change keeps the plot intriguing and moves the pace of the story along well enough to keep the readers interest. The main two characters in the story are Mitty and Mrs. Mitty. Mitty was portrayed as a day-dreamer, however he did keep connection to the real world as stated in this verse of the story where Mitty is connecting to the parking attendant. "They're so damn cocky, thought Walter Mitty, walking along Main Street; they think they know everything. Once he had tried to take his chains off, outside New Milford, and he had got them wound around the axles. A man had had to come out in a wrecking car and unwind them, a young, grinning garageman. Since then Mrs. Mitty always made him drive to a garage to have the chains taken off. The next time, he thought, I'll wear my right arm in a sling; they won't grin at me then. I'll have my right arm

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