The Second Wave Of Feminism Essay

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Tanya Singh
Mrs. McAnaney
Block F
Second Wave of Feminism in France Revolutions have been taking place for centuries now, and are acts of rebellion used to initiate change in society. A revolution is usually when a group of people disagree on the ideas and thoughts of the government and want change to better their lives. A revolution, or to be more exact, one (or some) political revolt or protest that has occurred post 1950, is the group of feminist revolts in the Second Wave of Feminism in France. People who fought in this protests were called feminists. The Second Wave of Feminism in France occurred in the 1960s, and stretched until the 1980s. The revolutions was made to combat cultural and political inequalities. There are many types of feminists, but the most prominent ones are Socialist-Feminists, Radical-Feminists, and Liberal-Feminists. Socialist-Feminists are the people who who were mostly concerned about challenging capitalism and male supremacy. Radical- Feminists are the women and men who may or may not support the capitalistic government, and have created social groups to support their own personal ideas and beliefs, and want more harsh changes. For instance, the Radical- Feminists of France insisted on the idea that the fight against patriarchy (equality for women) couldn’t be second to the capitalistic arguments in France. Lastly, Liberal-feminists are the people who challenge the ideas and practices that treat women as “second class citizens,” instead…

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