Essay The Second Stage Of A Bildungsroman Novel

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The second stage of a Bildungsroman novel shows the protagonist’s journey alone where he is challenged on his previous ways of thinking. The first way that Holden is challenged on his journey alone is when he sneaks into his apartment to visit his little sister Phoebe. Nevertheless, he has to avoid running into his parents as he does not want unnecessary confrontation before his news of expulsion is announced. Luckily, they are not home. However, when Holden arrives home early, Phoebe immediately knows he has been expelled. She is thoroughly upset and confronts Holden by asking him to name one thing that he likes a lot. When the only answer he can think of is Allie she is discontented and visibly shows her disapproval. Ultimately, Holden tries to defend himself as he says “I know he’s dead! Don’t you think I know that?” (Salinger 171). As the years have gone by, Phoebe has been better able to cope with the death of Allie by acknowledging it and moving on. On the other hand, Holden is struggling as he cannot let go of Allie’s death and he is still stuck grieving. Holden finally acknowledges that he cannot be stuck mourning and eventually has to move on, but as he is challenged by the past which is holding him back, he continues to alienate himself from others. Another way Holden is challenged on his journey is when he leaves his apartment to stay over at his former english teacher’s apartment, who he deeply admired and respected. Mr. Antolini is one of the rare adults…

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