Seahaven In The Truman Show

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Seahaven, a wonderful place in the world of The Truman Show. The Community, another wonderful place in the world of The Giver. Why would anyone want to leave these two places? Truman left the show, and Jonas left his community. Seahaven is a passive city, there is no poverty or unemployment. The Jonas’s community is also like this, they have little to no conflicts at all in the community. This also happened during the Enlightenment period. The situation was a bit different back then, their world was not perfect, and the philosophers sought change. The world we live in, is not even close to being like any of these places. The world we live in is filled with greed, violence, lies, and poverty. Although, our world in has it’s own perks. In The Truman Show, Truman Burbank is living a very normal life, he has job, and he was a wife. Everyday he goes to work and does his job, then he comes back, and does what a normal husband would usually do when they come back from work. Mow the lawn, trim the …show more content…
Many early Enlightenment thinkers(or philosophers) like, Rene Descartes, John Locke, and Francis Bacon were very important, without them our political and philosophical ideas would be very different. The first began questioning traditional authority because people had their own beliefs, the Church would force christianity upon people. Anyone with different ideas would be tortured or persecuted. Martin Luther(a very important Enlightenment philosopher), nail the 95 theses on the door of the Holy Church, this made him a target of the Church. All these philosophers revolted against the Church for one reason, they had different ideas from the Church. Every time they spread their ideas, people would join because they believed in the same concepts, and the Church hated them for

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