The Sea Turtles Are Not Always On The Verge Of Extinction Essay examples

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Just Keep Swimming Loggerhead sea turtles, like other animals, were not always on the verge of extinction. By morphing the Earth’s environment, human actions have allowed extinction to become a major issue. Animals, nowadays, go extinct because of humanity’s irresponsible actions, such as pollution and deforestation. While there has been an increase in awareness, the “management actions and their evaluation for sea turtles are still frequently hindered by lack of key data on turtle biology, human–turtle interactions, turtle population status and environmental threats” (Hamann et al 246). Because of the lack of respect for the environment’s wild and marine life, humans do not realize the severity of animal extinction and all the repercussions that will follow. Without loggerhead sea turtles, there would be an increase of certain species. If society is unable to reconsider its actions, the loggerhead sea turtles will be completely annihilated, leading into a sea of disaster; however, to avoid these disastrous seas, society must start swimming in the right direction by becoming better informed on extinction and by providing a sanctuary where loggerheads will be protected and nurtured, since they are a vital part of Earth’s life cycle.
To better comprehend the situation, society must get to know the loggerhead sea turtle and see the damage it is causing not only to the marine life but to society as well. Mainly found in areas like the “subtropical and tropical waters of the…

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