The Scramble For Africa During The 19th Century Essay examples

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The Scramble for Africa, when European countries rushed to claim land in Africa to colonize, a period of time after the Berlin conference in 1884, a meeting between European powers discuss splitting parts of Africa among them while not including any African leaders in the meeting. Before the Berlin Conference the European countries for 300 years from 1500 to 1800, were trading along the coast of west Africa. They traded for gold, ivory, and slaves, but never did they venture deep into Africa. There were many reasons to why the European countries decided to imperialize Africa in the late 19th century. There was the sense of a national competition that brought nations to compete with each other in obtaining the most land, technological advances that made it possible for the European countries to travel more into Africa, the vast amount of resources that these colonies provided to put in the market for trade, the economic benefits that these colonies provided for the country, and the sense of ethnocentrism that encouraged the people to take over these African states and colonize them. National competition was a driving force behind European imperialism in Africa because the European powers wanted to compete with one another to show each other who is the better country. It is expressed through speeches and through action. Great Britain and Germany each had a speaker who shared their ideological motivation, “(T)his is what [England] must either do or perish: she must found…

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