'Developing A Supertaste'

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"Psychology is the science meant a life of its phenomena and their conditions" (James, The Scope of Psychology.) Psychology is important and has many components to the study, but has many different aspects for education.
The first article "Why Study Psychology" explains what a few people have had to go through for schooling to get certain degrees and their accomplishments along the way. When I first read the article "Developing a Supertaste," I was empowered by the fearless story of a daring woman in a "man 's field of work". The article describes the frustration of women in astronomy, being mistreated or excluded in this field because they were thought of as not being smart enough or that they could not handle the complexity of the machines
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When she was in the 9th grade she was involved in a history class project where she would go to the hillside slums on Saturdays to play games and do activities with the children there. This project was meant to give the children from the slums positive role models and activities to keep them out of trouble. Throughout the rest of her high school and college career, she has decided that she wanted to help the children in her community by tutoring in East Harlem and assisting teachers. Working with the autistic kids through a professor at NYU, she had found a hidden passion for writing and analyzing research, as well as, problem solving. Patrice had finished her schooling in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where she had earned her doctorate degree in human development from Harvard 's Graduate School of Education. She continued on to teach in a school, as well as, finishing the several projects she had started with her husband in her college years. "Redefining a Career" is about Milton who also talks about his education. He attended college at the University of Minnesota as an undergraduate starting in 1959. Milton went through 12 declared and undeclared majors trying to find something that he could do for the rest of his life. He graduated with a double major in philosophy and psychology. Milton made his way into an honors section lab course. He could get hands-on experience in psychology research, collect information to copy in a learning experiment, and analyze and present what he found. Milton and his PhD and met Estes; who became the editor of psychological science. His junior year he studied to get a job in research. Milton got a job as an undergraduate teaching assistant and was exposed to more psychology. Senior year Milton volunteered to do a research projects under a teacher 's guidance, which he hoped would get him into graduate school where he could get his masters

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