The Scope And Magnitude Of Nickelodeon Theater Essay

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The scope and magnitude of Nickelodeon theater’s is an important factor to consider because popular culture develops at the intersection of the rural and urban cultural divide. The rural communities from the hinterlands and the urban communities were both able to influence the films being created because nickelodeon theaters catered to their audiences and developed films that would generate the most revenue. The folk culture of the hinterlands would intermingle with the elite culture of the urban cities, and create a new byproduct that would be displayed in films at nickelodeons across the country. The cultural byproduct projected in these films is what helped mold America’s new national identity. Furthermore, the abundance of theater’s across America allowed people to experience this new and identical concept of modernity at the same time. American’s began to become aware of their technology driven society, and the consumerist values it represented. The rural and urban divide became less pronounced, as nickelodeon’s disseminated this new cultural identity throughout all regions of America.
Nickelodeon theaters were not just an observational spectacle, but one that demanded interaction and attention. The show was comprised of movies, amateur shows and sing along songs that encouraged active involvement from the crowd. Often the theaters would be packed beyond their carrying capacity and the crowded rooms would force strangers to have to sit in close proximity to each other.…

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