Essay on The Science Of Modern Science

1824 Words Oct 29th, 2015 8 Pages
Old Science, Bacon Science, Modern Science
Victoria McAlister
Professor Innes
Technology and Politics
28 October 2015

In modern society, science is placed on a pedestal of ultimate truth. It is highly respected and almost worshipped by many. Yet, it was not always held in such high regards. Science was originally tied to the studies of mysticism, astrology, and philosophy. Modern science originated out of a sect of ancient philosophy known as natural philosophy. This transition from natural philosophy to modern science can be attributed to the “major prophet of the Scientific Revolution,” Francis Bacon. He changed the goal of science from gaining knowledge of nature to the conquest of nature. The impact of Bacon’s science is seen by the evolution of science from natural philosophy to modern science. The ancients learned science for the purpose of being educated about the world they lived in. This purpose and the purpose of philosophy were closely merged at the time. Ancient philosophers set out to find what the arête of the world was, while natural philosophers set out to understand how the world worked. These natural philosophers are now referred to as early scientists. Their ‘old science’ was free from the strict limitations found in modern science. This allowed for them to stray from common sense and to deny reality. A prime example of old science is seen in Parmenides argument that change does not exist. Old science did not work through…

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