The School Will Be At Atlanta Georgia Essay

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The school will be located in Atlanta Georgia. The demographics for the area, Atlanta Ga, is 54% African American, 38.4% Caucasian, 5.2% Hispanic, 2% mixed race, and less than 1% mix of other races. In the state of Georgia the demographics are 62.1% Caucasian, 31.5% African American, 9.3% Hispanic, and less than 1% mix of other races. The median household income for the state of Ga is around $49,000
I chose this area for my school because it is close to where I live, and the area in very much in need of an excellent diverse school. I want to see my school succeed. Atlanta is a great city, and we need schools to match. In the top 10 list of schools in Georgia, there is only 1 listed in Atlanta, and it is an elementary school. I want to see my school, in the top ten list, mainly the number 1 spot.
If we are to create the future, and achieve greater equality in America, as well as stay competitive in the 21st century, we must rethink the school day, and develop new strategies around instruction.
Mission and Vision of the School.
Elohay Kedem Middle School’s mission and vision is to provide a safe environment for our students. To assist these children in having a creative and active mind. To promote compassion in our youth. We stress the total development of each child: spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical. We also strive to create a challenging environment that encourages high expectations. As well as have them come into confident…

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