The Scarlet Letter : A Tale Of Hester Prynne 's Sin And Punishment

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The Scarlet Letter is a tale of Hester Prynne’s sin and punishment. The book follows the Puritan’s definite lifestyles, as they see Hester as a women short of God and Dimmesdale whom she committed the crime with a saint, and Chillingworth who was in disguise, a victim. The book uses the characters as a grim symbol of the Puritan understanding. Every event must be a religious or moral lesson, making The Scarlet Letter an allegory. An allegory is a story where every character, event, or object has it own hidden meaning that represents a bigger picture or a lesson. The understanding of symbolism, is very important when trying to fathom this book. Symbols are anything that represents something else. Often, symbols are a concrete object used to represent an idea more abstract. For example, the scaffold in The Scarlet Letter represents sin and penitence. Symbols often are used to create complex understandings of lessons, concepts, or values. Many of the symbols in The Scarlet Letter change over the course of the novel , they deal with their sins, and how they change throughout the novel. In the novel, Hawthorne uses many significant symbols to represent many crucial themes throughout the book. Three of these major symbols are the scaffold, sunshine and light, and Roger Chillingworth.
The scarlet letter was Hester Prynne’s symbol of shame and punishment in the book. The first time Hester Prynne appears in the novel, she walks out to the scaffold after spending time in prision. In…

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