Essay on The Salem Witch Trials Of Salem

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The Salem Witch Trials took place in Salem, Massachusetts from 1692 until 1693. This event would cause the small puritan community to be on edges. The cause for this madness were wild accusations of a witch being in the midst of the community. The reason for this belief of witches was sparked when these two young girls related to the priest Samuel Parris, started to act bizarre in 1692. It was said that the Doctor believed the cause of the little girls behaviors were from something supernatural. This sparked a major uproar and a trend of accusations to cause the Salem Witch Trials. The problem with this trial was that there was too many finger pointing. You could be called a witch for anything that looked suspicious. I blame the courts because they would encourage the accused to incriminate someone for a lesser infraction. This caused the many accusations of someone being a witch. The faulty court system was the problem to all this madness.
The random accusations was big issue in the puritans’ judicial system. Being able to just accuse someone off the strength on your word and not evidence was a big problem. “The Salem Witch Trials demonstrated the weakness of a judicial system that relies on hearsay testimony and encouraged accusations, while providing no adequate means of rebuttal.” With the court pushing you to give up a name to avoid death it was common for the accused to give up a name to avoid the consequence. There never was enough valid evidence to actually say…

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