The Salem Trials And The Salem Witch Trials

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Nineteen men and women were all hanged after being accused of using witchcraft in 1692. In Massachusetts Salem Trials first began in January of 1692 when a group of young girls, who later came to known as the “afflicted girls” felt sick after playing a fortune-telling game and began behaving strangely(Brooks). More than 200 people were accused of using witch craft. Like many other people the write, found this information interesting that she chose to learn more about it. Doing so she used the website , to gain information. Other reason why she chose this topic is because, she was fascinated on how women, especially widows and unmarried women, who were being accused of something so …show more content…
What she also figured out is that the site contains lessons, you can teach your classroom if you are a history teacher. It even provide you a jeopardy game that students may play after learning about the Salem Trials. Although, the writer found the site to be a good resource she thought it was a bit odd oHhhn how the site does not give information on when the site was created. It only contains the author’s name, who wrote the introduction to the site. The introduction was written by Douglas O. Linder and he talked about when the Trials began. The writer evaluated the information that Douglas O Linder wrote and compared to the history book Out of Many. She realized Douglas gave false information on when the Salem Trials began. This made her question the site and wonder if that was the only mistake the site made. Lucky enough, she found the rest of the information accurate and …show more content…
It is easy to navigate and access information. If you would like to learn more about the Salem trial, the site provides the bibliography and links you could go to. Although, the site give useful information the writers only consider were the date the site used on when the events happened. Therefore, if you were to write an essay or would want to talk to your classroom about the Salem Trials the write advice 's you to be careful on the data being announced. Other than that, it is a fun and easy site to use and it even provides a game for the audience to play to test their knowledge about the Salem Trials. If would want to study more about the Salem Trial, the writer advice 's you to use another website that give a deeper understanding of the events that happened in Salem because this site only gives brief information. At the end of the evaluation of the site the writer, enjoyed the historian pictures the site provided. It gave her a great visual of the people in Salem and a feel of what

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