The Rwandan Genocide : Genocide Essay

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The Rwandan Genocide

Kofi Annan once said that “A genocide begins with the killing of one man-not for what he has done, but because of who he is.”, this is the exact definition of the Rwandan Genocide. The Rwandan Genocide happened in Rwanda on April 7, 1994 and lasted for 100 days. This genocide was done by the Hutus an ethnic group in Rwanda to the Tutsis also in Rwanda. In those days over 800,000 people died. It was total chaos, neighbors were killing neighbors, women were being raped, and this genocide left the country broken. There were three main causes that lead to this genocide, they are racial differences, European control over Rwanda, and the Rwandan Civil War (Ellis & Esler, 2009)

The first cause to the Rwandan Genocide was the racial difference. The Hutus were the first to settle in Rwanda, they were agriculturist and the Tutsi came after them and were nomads. (Admin, The Heart of the Hutu-Tutsi Conflict, 1999, para 1,2) When the Tutsi arrived they created a hierarchy called the Kingdom of Rwanda, the king was a Tutsi, he owned everything, and ruled over everyone. (Twagilimana, 1998) The wealth in Rwanda was determined by how many cattle you owned. Since Tutsi was herders they had the most wealth, and most of the Hutu were poor since they owned little to no cattle. The Hutus would give some of theirs harvest to the Tutsi in turn for the use of the Tutsi cattle. So the relationship between the Tutsi and Hutu were shebuja (lords) and garagu (surfs) (Kapuscinski,…

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