The Rules Of Courtly Love Essay

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In modern society, general ideas are professed about love and what is acceptable to do while in love with someone. Similarly, around the time period when knights were prominent, there were a group of thirty-one rules that were referred to the rules of courtly love. The rules of courtly love were used as a general guideline to love, determining whether ones love was true or even permitted according to the standards of the time period. Although these rules were considered to exemplify the proper way to love, many characters throughout literature cease to abide by the standards of courtly love. More specifically, the rules of a lover must observe a two-year widowhood after his beloved’s death, a new love bring an old one to a finish and good character is the one real requirement for worthiness of love are all broken by various characters throughout multiple pieces of literature. One of the rules of courtly love that is broken is that a lover must observe two-year widowhood after his beloved has died. This simply means that a person has to go two full years as a single individual, after the death of their partner, before they can take up a new relationship. The wife of the Bisclavret is one example of a literary character that breaks this specific rule of courtly love. After her husband leaves for the forest and fails to return, he is presumed missing or even dead, and a search embarks. Once it is declared that his fate is most likely death, the wife goes about her life and…

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