The Royal Shakespeare Company 's 2008 Production Of Hamlet Essay

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The Royal Shakespeare Company’s 2008 production of Hamlet provided a modern adaptation of this timeless Shakespeare play. This production starred David Tennant as an emotive and vengeful Hamlet and Patrick Stewart as the cold and calculating Claudius. The play was later filmed for DVD, which added further nuances to the production through the creative use of camera angle, point of view, and film medium. Whereas the written version allows for a variety of interpretations into the state of Hamlet’s mind, Hamlet’s interactions with the ghost, changes in speech placement, and the delivery of key lines brings a distinct clarity to the character.
This film production provides very little ambiguity into the nature of Old Hamlet’s ghost. While it is clear from the text that Hamlet believes he is truly seeing his father’s ghost, it is not always as clear whether or not that ghost is a figment of his imagination. The main cause for this doubt stems from the scene where the Old Hamlet appears to Hamlet while he is in his mother’s room. After Hamlet converse with the ghost his mother questions Hamlet, “Alas, how is’t with you, / That you do bend your eye on vacancy, / And with th’ incorporal air do hold discourse?” ( 3.4.117-119) While Hamlet can clearly see the ghost, to his mother it appears that he is talking to thin air; which further supports her belief that Hamlet has gone mad. However, this raises the question as to whether the ghost is truly present or did it appear in such a…

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