Essay on The Romantic Period ( 1785-1832 )

1455 Words Nov 19th, 2014 6 Pages
Tracey Green
Dr. Robertson
17 November 2014
The Romantic Period (1785-1832) was very profound series of events that led to individual rights of women, art, politics, religion, science, economics and literature. All were impacted dramatically as life in during this was very difficult times, especially for women. Women had very little to no rights in society. Society viewed women as managers of their households and expected to focus on the domestic recreations and activities of improvement in their families, particularly the husband. If a woman wanted to pursue an education, it was believed that an education would disrupt the traditional female values of innocence and morality. Any woman that spoke out against the gender role issues and/or injustice faced exiled from her community or death. As the centuries came, the conditions of women’s rights slowly improved. Women began receiving better access to an education, however the goal of women 's education was to attain an ideal "womanhood"—a "proper education" was one that supported domestic and social activities and disregarded academic pursuits. With rejection towards the Enlightenment movement during this period, it focused on one’s intellect about the world around them, to include nature itself. People during this period began to put more focus upon their own self-worth and/or religious beliefs beyond traditional Christian values. As far the political and economic side of this movement,…

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