Essay on The Romantic Era Of Williams

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Williams Wordsworth was born in April seventh, seventeen seventy. Alongside Samuel Taylor launched the Romantic era in English literature. He brought many greats poems into the world but one of his most famous works was the “Lyrical Ballads” in 1798 and his poem the “Myth of Nature” representing his ”growth” of his mind to maturity. Even though he was seen as a great man, because of his simple language in his works, his poems were deemed vulgarity. He was a brilliant man who attended Cambridge University in London and faced many trials since his father died when he was thirteen. He decided to move back to France later on to become a trivalent tutee. Were he actually ended meeting one of the loves of his life Annette Vallon and had a beautiful baby girl Caroline. But due to the public believing he was a political plotter he was forced to flee from France without his wife and daughter. He later remarried and had two more children.
George Gordon, Lord Byron wad and English writer born January twenty-second, seventeen eighty-eight. Almost a big man of the Romantic era. HE spoke of intellectual and socid fexments of era. His cousin by marriage and will mat who first met at a ball. Who wore a mourning gown brightened by sparigles. He was influenced many in the European countries and the America’s back then he was considered an unhealthy reading matter. His writing alone showed more truth about his country and of his age then all the other authors and poets put together. When he…

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