The Romans And The Roman Empire Essay

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The Romans set many standards for people that have lasted through time. The Roman Empire lasted over 500 years and has left the world with the many developments. These developments include roads, calendar, flushing toilets, sewers, architecture, and the love for watching people compete. The romans many monuments to showcase the power of Rome and give the people entertainment. Many of these monuments can still be found today. The Romans created many things that the world can wonder at. The Romans Empire created many of the things that we use today through amazing feats of engineering and innovation that have left a lasting impression on the world. The Romans were the first to think of building roads to make traveling through Rome easier. This development made it easier for armies and goods to travel across Rome quicker and made it cheaper to send those goods. These roads were laid accurately across the all of Rome with precision by surveyors and were very well done. There was drainage incorporated into the roads that would lead into sewers, which shows that the Romans ahead about how they were going to do thing. Today all of our roads are follow a similar design that was paved by the Romans. Today’s roads also have drainage that leads into sewers, but ours are more developed system of tunnels and linkages. The development of roads was monumental because it helped improve the quality of life with making things easier and quicker for people. The Romans laid out plans for roads…

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