The Romans And The Greeks Essay

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Both the Romans and the Greeks created large civilizations. They were differences and similarities in the way their people saw the world. The way people view the world naturally changes over time. The change can happen much faster if accompanied by a change in leadership, location, beliefs, or a combination of the few. Athens went through many transitions in power and this affected the worldview of its citizens and slaves. The Greeks found trade, treasure, and truth important. Comparatively, the Romans had a movement through various types of leadership. People went on strikes to gain power in some cases and we see some copies of their government styles in the United States. “Everything from capitalism, colonization, environmental destruction, mass slavery, socio-economic disparity, religious supremacy and individualism (you know the good old things?) has its roots in Greco philosophy and Roman politics.” (Niuapu) Overall, with the interplay of Greek culture with Romans, the biggest differences in the way each society saw the world was in their laws, governments, and philosophy.
The Romans went on to conquer the Greek colonies and Greece itself, and to become the great power in the Mediterranean. To a large extent they inherited the Greek view of the world. Although Greece and Rome were two different peoples, different civilizations and different cultures, the Romans to a very large extent viewed themselves as the cultural inheritors of the Greeks. Greece society was very…

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