Male Dominance Of Women's Role In Society

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Women today are leading the world and showing that woman can be in power. For three women that receive a bachelor’s degree, two men do the same (Lutz). For every dollar earned by a man, a woman earns 79 cents (Hegewisch). These two statistics are contradicting each other when looking at the dominant gender. Women earn twenty percent more bachelor degrees then men, which shows that they are the dominant gender in school. Women also earn twenty one percent less than men, which would show men as being the superior gender in this instance. Due to contradicting statistics, a long history of patriarchy, and the unprecedented economic and social situation that lays ahead, the question of women’s role in society—and specifically their potential for …show more content…
In the early 1900’s women were earning only about nineteen percent of bachelor degrees (Education: Female Graduates). As shown in the above paragraph, this is far from the sixty percent that is earned today by women (Lutz). Now, as equality among the genders is gaining strength in society, a role reversal could occur and culture would become woman-dominated. This possibility of women 's dominance also comes with many challenges and years of opposition. Though culture is evolving and women are becoming dominant in many areas, it will take decades (if even possible) for women to become the dominant gender in society. First we need to find equality. Woman dominance is not something in our near future because history has built up men in such a way that it, if even possible, would take much more then we have now to bring women up to a level to surpass …show more content…
This has led to many people seeing woman dominance. This is not even close to being true; we are still striving for equality. In 2012 it was history making when twenty women were elected to the Senate (Schnall). As all the praise came in for this, many looked past the fact that women still only made up twenty percent of the senate when women are fifty percent of the population (Schnall). This is a process and is going in the right direction, electing more women to Senate is a positive thing when searching for gender equality. Out of 190 heads of state, only nine are women (Sandberg). This is a ridiculous statistic, but many might argue that we are just looking in the wrong places. The non-profit world, which is often thought of as being more of women-led still only has twenty percent of woman at the top (Sandberg). As a society, America still has a long way to go to get to equality among genders, which should be the focus right now, not woman

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