Essay on The Role Of Women And Their Accomplishments

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Tim grinned at his friend Larry from the opposite side of the lunch table. “Why did Mrs. Smith cross the road”, he asked leaning forward his greasy hair falling into his face. Tim waited the obligatory moment before following up with the punchline. “Who cares- Why isn 't she in the kitchen?” Tim 's hair sticks to his eyebrows as he reaches across the table to high five Larry during their obnoxious laughter. Neither of them seem to notice the girls glaring at them from the other end of the table. If they do, it is met with “Look at their faces” or “They 're so cute when they 're mad”. If one of those girls had spoken up they would only get the same response as every time before, “Awh, come on! Take a joke, we didn 't mean anything.” These everyday “jokes” and comments, regardless of how harmless they seem, are detrimental to the perception of women and their status, and disregard their accomplishments. According to a 2005 CBS Poll, 57% of women asked felt that a strong woman 's movement was needed in our country (Graph). These women did not consider themselves feminists, however their percentage is only one point away from the 58% of feminist women that felt a strong woman’s movement was needed during a 1998 CNN poll (Time/CNN). The thought of modern feminism conjures up the cliché image of anti-men rights activists. However, women like Beyonce claim feminism to be the belief in total social, political and economic equality of the sexes (Baird). The recent shift into Pop…

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