The Role Of Willy Loman In Arthur Miller's Death Of A Salesman

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What makes one successful in life? Is it working hard your whole life, being well liked in your community, or is it just something in our heads leading us to believe we have to be perfect in life to be successful. No one is perfect, all anyone can do is try. Willy Lowman thought that because he was a “good” salesman and people knew him, that he would be remembered in a very big way. Willy’s thoughts on being successful were; his reputation, being attractive, and having some short of talent. It turns out that you don’t always get what you think you deserve.
In the play Death of a Salesman, the author shows the main character, Willy Lowman, as someone who is dissatisfied with his life’s journey. Willy is a local salesman who travels from time
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Willy’s wife Linda tries to have her sons back, while he goes on and on for a bit. “Biff Loman is lost. In the greatest country in the world a young which such personal attractiveness, gets lost. And such a hard worker.”(1283) “I’ll see him in the morning; I’ll have a nice talk with him. I’ll get him a job selling. He could be big in no time.”(1283) Growing up, Willy has always taught his boys that the right thing to do in life is work and take care of your family. Willy wants his sons to be great, but by doing what he wants them to do. When Biff moved back home, Willy was angry with Biff because he thought that his son could actually make it out on his own by doing what is right. Willy now sees Biff leaving in the first place as a failure. Not to mention, Willy hasn’t succeeded in his own life, which is looked at as a failure. By Willy teaching his sons his values of life, it seems that all of it was incorrect, because they have both failed at some point in life. Willy had high believes with his sons ability to be great at sports. He felt that because he was good at sports, you never have to worry about being financially stable. Boy was he wrong, instead of being so stubborn and stuck in his ways, Willy should have been teaching his boys how to stay humble in life regardless of what you have or where you come from . In conclusion, I would recommend the play Death of a Salesman because it brings attention to what one may think is the American Dream. After reading and watching the play, I was able to understand how the human mind thinks. Some people may think that because they are good at sports or because they come from a family of salesman, that life will just fall in place for them. Working hard will always have its pay offs. Staying humble and keeping the faith can also help with being

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