The Role Of Technology As Within Entrepreneurship Essay

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On page 22 the report covers “The Role of Technology” within entrepreneurship. This lesson has to do with the new global century and the shifts that we discussed early on in the course. Entrepreneurs and Students these days have so many competitive advantages over their parents due to technology. I remember one day at work when our computer system went out and we had to complete all transactions by hand which was extremely difficult. My uncle said that was how they did transactions when the business was first started because there were no computers back then. It is amazing how much we take for granite nowadays and how we should all be thankful for the technological advances that have made all of our lives easier. Due tot technology entrepreneurs can start a business without any physical location, have instant communication, and can accept transactions in real time. Also students can learn about anything they set their mind to with just a few clicks and with this imagination, students will have their own ideas on how to have their own business. The world has leveled, it does not matter if you are rich or poor because everyone has access to technology and it will only become cheaper and better as the world continues to shift.

On page 26 the report talks about “why entrepreneurship education for youth is important” and I believe that it is one of the most interesting topics taught in school. I remember in high school during the tenth grade entrepreneurship was my favorite…

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